Quad Outlets

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Global TV-FM-SAT + SAT2-Return Outlet {SDO/03}

FEATURES1. This outlet plate can be  used either as Quad plate for a single tuner Digibox or for a S..

Triax  Fli-Link {SDO/17}(OOR) Out Of Stock

Triax Fli-Link {SDO/17}(OOR)

DESCRIPTION* Triax Fli-link 200mm High quality F type {M} to IEC {M} Lead.* Designed to save time on..

Triax Quad - Multifunction Outlet Link Connector {SDO/18}

Triax Quad Multifunction Outlet Link ConnectorThis link is used where a Quad, Multifunction or SAT I..

Triax Quad Outlet {SDO/05A}

FEATURES1. For domestic and system applications2. Fully screened3. Attractive style front plate4. Di..