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TMDS-42-C SkyQ-Adaptor-Legacy Multiswitch{TMPQ/00}

TRIAX 307368 :-TMDS-42-C-dSCR-SkyQ Adaptor-Legacy-Multiswitch Fits on to existing multiswitches*  E..

Triax TdSCR 504 Multiswitch {TMPQ/01}

TdSCR series MultiswitchProduct designed to support a wide range of new and existing multiswitch ins..

Triax TMDS 516 C SkyQ multi switch {TMPQ/03} Out Of Stock

Triax TMDS 516 C SkyQ multi switch {TMPQ/03}

TMDS 516 C SkyQ multi switch Article number: 307380  Product description: Sky compat..

Triax TMDS 58 C SkyQ multi switch {TMPQ/02}

Triax TMDS SkyQ Multiswitch The exciting launch of Sky Q, Sky’s most advanced TV experience ever,  ..

Triax TMS 1230 PSU-BS {TMPQPS/01}

The TMS 1230 PSU-BS is specifically for powering a TMDS cascade switch system. Providing up to 3.0A ..