Remote Links

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Antiference LCD / Plasma TV IR Sensor Black {ARL/12}

ME200 BKB Black LCD + Plasma TV Infra Red IR Sensor (bulkpack) FEATURES1. Watch and change channels..

Philex SLx Omni Link {PHI/02}

Using the new OmniLink infra-red signal extender system together with a Philex SLx Link, enables the..

PROception IR Control Eye {PVDA/11}

The Mk 2 eye is a brand new design which offers a number of advantages over previous products.Physic..

Triax Compact Digital Link Anthracite-Red Lens {TDL/02A}

DESCRIPTIONThe TriaxCompact Digital Link will allow control of your SKY Digital satellite receiver w..

Visionlink Sky Eye Black - V55-002 {VDL/01}

This remote link IR sensor allows remote channel changing of a SKY digibox. Available only in black...