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Cablecon Pocket Compression Tool {TRITOOL/02}

For use with IEC & F Compression connectors on TX100 or WF100 cable. Suitable for any 1mm cable...

CX3 Universal Compression Tool{TRITOOL/04}

CX3  Universal Compression ToolUniversal TX100 / TX165 Used for compression type F-Connectors for ou..

Triax CAT 6 Cable Tester {TRITOOL/07}

CAT 6 Cable Tester  The CAT 6 Cable Tester provides a simple method of checking the correct pin co..

Triax HDMI Cable Tester {TRITOOL/09}

Identifier and Wire Tracker  LAN Cable Identifier in order to localize quickly the searched-for end..

Triax Pocket Compression Tool {TRITOOL/06}

Triax Pocket Compression Tool {Triax Part No. 370042} For use with Triax F Compression connectors o..